The History Of Ice Cream Time To Time


Who doesn’t like ice cream? Based on DQFanFeedback Survey, starting from children and even adults, they will love it. In the past, making ice cream was very hard. To make ice cream, ice is obtained from lakes or ponds that freeze in winter, then cut and stored in haystacks, holes in the ground, or ice storage that made from wood and coated by hay. The ice is stored for later use in the summer. during summer, ice cream is then made traditionally by processing the dough in a large bowl which placed in a tube filled with a mixture of crushed ice and salt.

The History Of Ice Cream

According to the ancient stories, it is said that ice cream has been known since Roman times when ruled by Emperor Nero. The historical records mention in detail a party in which one of the dishes is ice taken from the mountains with fruit decoration. At that time, ice cream was made from snow ice mixed with milk, fat, fruits, and given various kinds of dough, so that it was soft and delicious.

For the form of ice cream that is similar to the nowadays, one begins with The Tang Emperor of The Shang Dynasty, China.  The emperor asked to the chef to cook for ice to be mixed with cow’s milk, flour, and a little champor. This mixture is stirred until it becomes a cream. From that moment, the ice cream begins to be known in the palace.

Based on DQFanFeedback Survey, in Europe, ice cream was brought and introduced by Marcopolo. In those days ice cream is the dish just for the nobility. At that time, when the electricity has not been found, so the people try to make ice cream with a machine that runs by kerosene. They no longer have to wait for the winter to arrive, but with the technology, it can make the water to be frozen. This way can only be done by the nobles and rich people. So this is the reason why ice cream to be the luxury dish until 1600. There are some other stories about ice cream from some countries in the world.


Another story told that ice cream came when there was a trade relationship between Italy and China. Marcopolo as the ocean explorer brought a recipe for ice cream to his country. Unlike the original recipe, Italian ice cream is combined with syrup and ice mixture. This Italiano style of ice cream was then enjoyed by the European Nobles and spread throughout the world.

United States Of America

In America, ice cream was popular for the first time in the 19th century, along with the discovery of ice cream makers. The name ice cream comes from the American colonists.


In Indonesia, ice cream brought by The Dutch. Ice Cream Saloon is the first ice cream that can only be enjoyed in big cities such as Jakarta, Bandung, Bogor, Malang,and Surabaya. At that time, ice cream was a luxury and expensive. So at that time, only The Dutch who can be enjoyed ice cream.

Here are some historical facts about ice cream.

  1. The name of the ice cream

Based on DQFanFeedback Survey, the name of ice cream come from The American Colonist that comes from the phrase iced cream.

  1. The first ice cream outlet

The first ice cream outlet was opened in New York in 1776.

  1. The first ingredient of ice cream

The big breakthrough in making ice cream into the basic ingredient that we know today occurs when ice ingredients are mixed with salt. the purpose is to reduce and control the temperature of the ingredients. This breakthrough was strengthened by the discovery of freezers made of wooden buckets with player pedals.

  1. The first method ice cream maker

A candy maker from Philadelphia, Augustus Jackson discovered the recipe and method of making ice cream in 1832.

  1. The first manual ice cream machine

In 1846, Nancy Johnson, a woman from New England was made a manual ice cream machine. Then in 1848, her invention was later patented by William G. Young.

  1. The first ice cream spoon

The spoon that use to eat ice cream was found in 1897 by Alfred L. Cralle.

  1. The first Conelo ice cream

Conelo ice cream is found and become popular in the world since 1904.

  1. The most ice cream consumption in the world

The Americans consume the most ice cream an average of more than 20 liters per year.

  1. Ice cream in America

Based on DQFanFeedback Survey, in America, ice cream is the most popular dessert, especially if added with a biscuit. A many as 800 thousand gallons of ice cream are produced by Americans for each year. This becomes the reason why there is so many ice cream company from America that develop into worldwide such as Dairy Queen.

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Do You Think That Fast Food And Junk Food Are The Same?


Along with the times, nowadays people prefer foods that serve fast, delicious, and simple even though they are unhealthy. Now, there are so many restaurants and shops that serve fast food but do not have balancednutritional contents is a sign that junk food is a public favorite. You must have heard the term fast food and junk food? Do you think that the meaning has the similarity? Actually, the two kinds of that food are different.

The Different Of Cooking Process

Junk food or which means low nutrition food is a term for foods that are not healthy or have little nutritional content. Junk food can also be referred to as nonnutritious food. Whereas, fast food is the food that has been carried out in the early stages of processing, then when there is an order, that unwell done food will continue the advanced processing which is relatively faster.

Junk Food Is Non-Nutritious Food

Some of the experts of nutrition have an argument that junk food can be said as to be a fun food but without nutrition, it is different from fast food. That is why that food called junk food because it can be eaten but there is no nutrition that contains.

Consume It Wisely

So, when we want to do the healthy lifestyle. We must think about what nutrients are contained in the food that we consume in one plate. Nonbad fats as assumed. Instead, fat is needed to support the health of our body, but if too much it will cause disease.

Junk Food Is More Dangerous Than Fast Food

Junk food is considered dangerous because it has very high levels of salt and fat. Usually, these foods are heated or fried many times. For examples of junk food are instant noodles, pizza, hamburgers, french fries, and hot dogs. Then, not all foods that classified as fast food are not healthy. Examples of fast food that are good to consume are fresh cut fruit. This intake also includes fast food but does not dangerous for our health.

The Reason Why People Love Delicious Fast Food

Fast food is a type of food that is popular and loved by many people. The various fast food with tempting taste and the quite not expensive price is often to be the reasons to eat it. Even though this food is practical and doesn’t take a long time to cook, but in fact, fast food is not good for health if it atecontinuously. However, enthusiasm for eating fast food is still quite high. Fast food restaurants are still to be the main destination, especially for young people. Not only that, there are some another reasons why the people love the delicious fast food.


The hectic schedule often makes people become lazy to prepare healthier food. So, they tend to choose more practical and easy food menu. The fast presentation of fast food has become a habit, even the need for people whose lives are getting faster and faster.

To Eliminate Stress Level

Did you know that the desire to eat fast food that is high can also be influenced by your stress level? When your stress level rises, the body will need more energy and stimulate hunger. As a result, the desire arises to eat foods that have high calorie and sugar levels. One of which is fast food. The high levels of anxiety can also make people tend to look for fast food as their way to calm down.

People Tend To Like High-Calorie Foods

According to the scientists, the human brain tends to prefer foods that are high in calories as energy reserves in the body. In addition, over time, the human brain is also evolving. Especially when healthy food is hard to find. Therefore, the human adapt to choosing foods that are rich in calorie content. So. It can be concluded that when we want fast food, it could be due to the need for energy.

Make Addicted

It seems thatmany people agree that fast food makes us feel addicted. Apparently, there are special reasons behind the dependence produced by fast food. According to the study, high fats in foods produce neurochemical changes in the brain that are similar to drug addiction. This is the reason why we are hard to stop eatingfast food, right?

Very Delicious Seasoning

Have you ever liked a movie or song? And never been tired to watching and listening to it over and over again? This principle was also applied to fast food. Fast food is designed to give the people the same eating experience everytime you eat. You could say, the taste of fast food has been formulated in such a way as to make an impression on it and is very familiar. That is why fast food often categorized as a comfort food.

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How to Get Coupons from Pizza Hut


Spending your meal time in Pizza Hut can be the best choice if you are in the middle of your appetite to eat Pizza. Of course, this brand of pizza is already popular around the world and many people to eat pizza and many dishes from Pizza Hut. As the loyal fans of Pizza Hut, you might know that there is a possibility to get something like coupons for your transaction.

Get Your Coupons And Enjoy Your Meal!

Actually, the coupon is one of many ways to get cheaper price of your meal. In some events, Pizza Hut usually provides you many discounts or special price. Then, the coupon is one of those ways to get your Pizza Hut menus ata more affordable price. Then, what do you need to do to get the chance of having a discount from your coupons?

  • Make Your Account

It is almost similar with kind of membership by making an account. You need to make your account first to get a bigger chance of having the coupons. The account can be created when you visit the website of Pizza Hut itself. Then, you only need to use your verified email and create a unique password to create your account.

Then, after you pass the first step, in completing the account, you might need to give some information needed for your account. Make sure to finish the process of your account making, before you decide to do a transaction with that account.

  • Pay Attention for the Promo

Actually, by making that account, you perhaps will receive more information about any promo or coupon chance that only available for the one who has the account. You can receive that information in your email. So, make sure to be more aware of the information that you receive from email, especially when the email is from Pizza Hut.

  • Follow the Procedure

If you already get the information about a coupon or something like promo, make sure to follow the procedure based on what is written there. Then, it will be easier for you to get the coupon as you can follow the rules of activating your Pizza Hut Coupon.

Things You Should Remember About The Coupon

Once you get the coupon from your account on Pizza Hut official page, you have to make sure that you read all the requirements and the terms of the agreement related with the coupon. For example, you have to pay attention for the period of the coupon. The different coupon will have the different long time of coupon use, so you have to use it before the coupon is expired.

Besides that, do not forget to read more about the transaction that can be done with the coupon. For example, you have to know that the coupon is only available for certain transactions or certain menu. That should be something that becomes your attention after receiving the coupon so that you can maximize the use of the coupon for your Pizza Hut transactions.

Make sure to do the transaction using the coupon based on the term of agreement only. If you still confused with the term of the agreement, you can ask more to the outlet about the coupon that you have. Besides that, you also have to know whether the coupon is only available for the online transaction or offline transaction.

In conclusion, you have to know about the limitation of using the coupon that you get, since it is something important for you to pay attention to those things. It would be helpful for you to not let the coupon getting expired without being used before. Then, are you ready to get your coupon for your delicious pizza or pasta from Pizza Hut?

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Why You Should Eat in Subway?


Subway is one of the most popular fast food restaurants in the world. Many people love to eat in this place since there are some important things to know about the menus in the Subway. Even though most of the menus are similar to the other common fast food, menus in Subway becomes more interesting because of some unique taste of it. Then, what do you want to know why people are enjoying eating in Subway?

Reasons Why You Should Spend Your Meal in Subway

For some of you, you might do not have any preference in choosing a fast food restaurant. Meanwhile, some other might already have their favorite restaurants to eat. Then, what are actually the reasons why people love to eat in Subway?

  • Easy to Find

Even though Subway does not exist in all the countries, in some countries, it is easy to find a Subway. In some countries, Subway outlets are on the top list of the most favorite fast food restaurants in certain countries. Then, you do not need to worry, since finding Subway is very a piece of cake.

  • Menus are Interesting

The menus are interesting for many people. You have many choices in ordering the menu and you even can make it match between your standard of taste and the delicious taste of the food there. You can also find some additional or special menus in the Subway of your country.

  • Easy to Order

It is easy to order the foods there, whether you can come to the outlets or you can enjoy the meal by ordering online. As Subway provides you with many types of ordering ways, you can choose the one that matches with your needs and make you easy.

  • Affordable Price

The price of menus in Subway is also considered as affordable. Even though it cannot be considered as something too cheap when it is compared to the other price of others fast food restaurants. So, many people have no hesitated about that.

  • The Nutrition

Some people are still arguing about the nutrition of fast food. However, some others say that the nutrition of Subway’s fast foods is better when you try to compare it with the other restaurant. To make you feel more comfortable with the calories or something else, you can read more reviews about the menu that you want to eat.

As many people agree with those opinions, they start to be the loyal consumers of Subway. Meanwhile, some others decide to buy a franchise and build the Subway to start their business. The opportunity of starting franchise business is quite high, so you should throw away your doubt if you want to start the business with Subway.

Especially, if the Subway is still rare in your country, deciding to build any franchise in your country will give you the bigger opportunity. Things that you need to remember is that never give up with your business, since even though Subway is already popular; you still need to manage the balance of the management. So, good luck with your Subway franchise!

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Taco Bell Special Menu from Each Country


Who does not know Taco Bell? Even though the existence of Taco Bell might be counted as rare in your country, as millennial generation, you might ever hear about the name. It is one of the most popular franchises American fast food restaurants around the world. Of course, it was firstly founded in America but it grows and starts to show its existence in the world.

Taco Bell Restaurants Around The World

Actually, Taco Bell can be found in many countries in the different region. For example, in Asia, you can find Taco Bell in Korea, Japan, Middle East Countries and many more. You also can find Taco Bell in Europe, Africa,and Australia as well. As it is already being popular around the world, Taco Bell starts to give their innovation on the menu, which makes the menu of Taco Bell will have some differences for some countries. Then, do you want to know about those special menus that available for different countries?

  • Chocomarsh

This menu is only available for Taco Bell restaurants in Spain and the United Kingdom. This food is a shareable food that has small in size but delicious in taste. It can be considered as dessert with the tiny package, in which the combination of melted chocolate and marshmallow that being wrapped with Crunchwrap. This dessert will have a very cute look and great taste.

  • Gordita with Fries and Tzatziki Sauce

If you are people of Cyprus, you need to try this menu when you come to its Taco Bell. It is a Gordita that has Tzatziki sauce and grilled chicken on it. It also has that lettuce, golden fries and also fiesta salsa. Not only will the looks that will increase your appetite, but the taste alsomakes you never forget about it.

  • Taquito Lupita

This is the other traditional creation of Taco Bell Spain. You can get this huge dessert. It has the flour tortillas with the Cinnamon Sugar as its topping. For the serving, this menu is served by the Soft Serve Vanilla ice cream in common. Along with that, it is also served with a Duice de Leche Sauce that will make this meal even better in taste. So, never skip this meal when you come to Taco Bell in Spain.

  • Chocodilla

This menu is actually available in many countries. For the example, it can be found in Guatemala, Costa Rica, Dominica Republic, United Kingdom, El Salvador, and Spain. Actually, it is the combination of a flour tortilla with the melted chocolate inside it. It sounds simple but once you look at the appearance, you can feel the sweetness in it.

  • Beefy Cheddar Cheetos

This is a special menu that only can be found in Taco Bell Canada. Of course, it is the combination of traditional menu of Canadian beef and its unique combination of ingredients. Do not forget the flour tortilla to wrap all those combinations.

  • BBQ Pork Quesadilla

For those who live in the United Kingdom, it is easy to find the menu in your Taco Bell. Even though the look of this meal is quite messy, buy it has great ingredients inside it. You only need to feel how delicious the melted sauce and the combination of the ingredients of this BBQ Pork Quesadilla.

  • Banuritto

Banuritto is the other special menu of Cyprus’ Taco Bell. It is the banana that wrapped with toasted Flour Tortilla. Do not forget the melted Nutella which covering the entire whole banana. Does it sound yummy?

  • Loaded Fries

You can find this Loaded Fries in the United Kingdom, Japan,and Korea. The fries are topped with Nacho Cheese sauce, Pico de Gallo Salsa, and Sour cream. Do not forget about the seasoned ground beef that makes the fries becomes very delicious.

  • Taco Pizza

For you who live in Spain, have you ever tried this menu? It is a triple layer of pizza that has delicious look. Of course, the taste is also delicious, because the combination of the menu is the melted cheese, Salsa tomatoes, seasoned ground beef and many more.

Why Taco Bell Has Its Special Menu?

Some of you might be curious about the reason why Taco Bell has a different special menu in the different country. Of course, the reason is that they need to blend the traditional foods and their characteristics of the menu. It is perhaps one of their marketing strategies since they need people to be more interest in their restaurant.

Besides attacking people with their traditional combination menu, it becomes an interesting innovation that will make Taco Bell always interesting. Then, people will not be bored with the menu that can be found there. Those different special menus will also be the part of respect from Taco Bell to the traditional foods in the country where they build the franchise. So, enjoy those special menus in Taco Bell in your country!

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