Taco Bell Special Menu from Each Country


Who does not know Taco Bell? Even though the existence of Taco Bell might be counted as rare in your country, as millennial generation, you might ever hear about the name. It is one of the most popular franchises American fast food restaurants around the world. Of course, it was firstly founded in America but it grows and starts to show its existence in the world.

Taco Bell Restaurants Around The World

Actually, Taco Bell can be found in many countries in the different region. For example, in Asia, you can find Taco Bell in Korea, Japan, Middle East Countries and many more. You also can find Taco Bell in Europe, Africa,and Australia as well. As it is already being popular around the world, Taco Bell starts to give their innovation on the menu, which makes the menu of Taco Bell will have some differences for some countries. Then, do you want to know about those special menus that available for different countries?

  • Chocomarsh

This menu is only available for Taco Bell restaurants in Spain and the United Kingdom. This food is a shareable food that has small in size but delicious in taste. It can be considered as dessert with the tiny package, in which the combination of melted chocolate and marshmallow that being wrapped with Crunchwrap. This dessert will have a very cute look and great taste.

  • Gordita with Fries and Tzatziki Sauce

If you are people of Cyprus, you need to try this menu when you come to its Taco Bell. It is a Gordita that has Tzatziki sauce and grilled chicken on it. It also has that lettuce, golden fries and also fiesta salsa. Not only will the looks that will increase your appetite, but the taste alsomakes you never forget about it.

  • Taquito Lupita

This is the other traditional creation of Taco Bell Spain. You can get this huge dessert. It has the flour tortillas with the Cinnamon Sugar as its topping. For the serving, this menu is served by the Soft Serve Vanilla ice cream in common. Along with that, it is also served with a Duice de Leche Sauce that will make this meal even better in taste. So, never skip this meal when you come to Taco Bell in Spain.

  • Chocodilla

This menu is actually available in many countries. For the example, it can be found in Guatemala, Costa Rica, Dominica Republic, United Kingdom, El Salvador, and Spain. Actually, it is the combination of a flour tortilla with the melted chocolate inside it. It sounds simple but once you look at the appearance, you can feel the sweetness in it.

  • Beefy Cheddar Cheetos

This is a special menu that only can be found in Taco Bell Canada. Of course, it is the combination of traditional menu of Canadian beef and its unique combination of ingredients. Do not forget the flour tortilla to wrap all those combinations.

  • BBQ Pork Quesadilla

For those who live in the United Kingdom, it is easy to find the menu in your Taco Bell. Even though the look of this meal is quite messy, buy it has great ingredients inside it. You only need to feel how delicious the melted sauce and the combination of the ingredients of this BBQ Pork Quesadilla.

  • Banuritto

Banuritto is the other special menu of Cyprus’ Taco Bell. It is the banana that wrapped with toasted Flour Tortilla. Do not forget the melted Nutella which covering the entire whole banana. Does it sound yummy?

  • Loaded Fries

You can find this Loaded Fries in the United Kingdom, Japan,and Korea. The fries are topped with Nacho Cheese sauce, Pico de Gallo Salsa, and Sour cream. Do not forget about the seasoned ground beef that makes the fries becomes very delicious.

  • Taco Pizza

For you who live in Spain, have you ever tried this menu? It is a triple layer of pizza that has delicious look. Of course, the taste is also delicious, because the combination of the menu is the melted cheese, Salsa tomatoes, seasoned ground beef and many more.

Why Taco Bell Has Its Special Menu?

Some of you might be curious about the reason why Taco Bell has a different special menu in the different country. Of course, the reason is that they need to blend the traditional foods and their characteristics of the menu. It is perhaps one of their marketing strategies since they need people to be more interest in their restaurant.

Besides attacking people with their traditional combination menu, it becomes an interesting innovation that will make Taco Bell always interesting. Then, people will not be bored with the menu that can be found there. Those different special menus will also be the part of respect from Taco Bell to the traditional foods in the country where they build the franchise. So, enjoy those special menus in Taco Bell in your country!