Do You Think That Fast Food And Junk Food Are The Same?


Along with the times, nowadays people prefer foods that serve fast, delicious, and simple even though they are unhealthy. Now, there are so many restaurants and shops that serve fast food but do not have balancednutritional contents is a sign that junk food is a public favorite. You must have heard the term fast food and junk food? Do you think that the meaning has the similarity? Actually, the two kinds of that food are different.

The Different Of Cooking Process

Junk food or which means low nutrition food is a term for foods that are not healthy or have little nutritional content. Junk food can also be referred to as nonnutritious food. Whereas, fast food is the food that has been carried out in the early stages of processing, then when there is an order, that unwell done food will continue the advanced processing which is relatively faster.

Junk Food Is Non-Nutritious Food

Some of the experts of nutrition have an argument that junk food can be said as to be a fun food but without nutrition, it is different from fast food. That is why that food called junk food because it can be eaten but there is no nutrition that contains.

Consume It Wisely

So, when we want to do the healthy lifestyle. We must think about what nutrients are contained in the food that we consume in one plate. Nonbad fats as assumed. Instead, fat is needed to support the health of our body, but if too much it will cause disease.

Junk Food Is More Dangerous Than Fast Food

Junk food is considered dangerous because it has very high levels of salt and fat. Usually, these foods are heated or fried many times. For examples of junk food are instant noodles, pizza, hamburgers, french fries, and hot dogs. Then, not all foods that classified as fast food are not healthy. Examples of fast food that are good to consume are fresh cut fruit. This intake also includes fast food but does not dangerous for our health.

The Reason Why People Love Delicious Fast Food

Fast food is a type of food that is popular and loved by many people. The various fast food with tempting taste and the quite not expensive price is often to be the reasons to eat it. Even though this food is practical and doesn’t take a long time to cook, but in fact, fast food is not good for health if it atecontinuously. However, enthusiasm for eating fast food is still quite high. Fast food restaurants are still to be the main destination, especially for young people. Not only that, there are some another reasons why the people love the delicious fast food.


The hectic schedule often makes people become lazy to prepare healthier food. So, they tend to choose more practical and easy food menu. The fast presentation of fast food has become a habit, even the need for people whose lives are getting faster and faster.

To Eliminate Stress Level

Did you know that the desire to eat fast food that is high can also be influenced by your stress level? When your stress level rises, the body will need more energy and stimulate hunger. As a result, the desire arises to eat foods that have high calorie and sugar levels. One of which is fast food. The high levels of anxiety can also make people tend to look for fast food as their way to calm down.

People Tend To Like High-Calorie Foods

According to the scientists, the human brain tends to prefer foods that are high in calories as energy reserves in the body. In addition, over time, the human brain is also evolving. Especially when healthy food is hard to find. Therefore, the human adapt to choosing foods that are rich in calorie content. So. It can be concluded that when we want fast food, it could be due to the need for energy.

Make Addicted

It seems thatmany people agree that fast food makes us feel addicted. Apparently, there are special reasons behind the dependence produced by fast food. According to the study, high fats in foods produce neurochemical changes in the brain that are similar to drug addiction. This is the reason why we are hard to stop eatingfast food, right?

Very Delicious Seasoning

Have you ever liked a movie or song? And never been tired to watching and listening to it over and over again? This principle was also applied to fast food. Fast food is designed to give the people the same eating experience everytime you eat. You could say, the taste of fast food has been formulated in such a way as to make an impression on it and is very familiar. That is why fast food often categorized as a comfort food.