The History Of Ice Cream Time To Time


Who doesn’t like ice cream? Based on DQFanFeedback Survey, starting from children and even adults, they will love it. In the past, making ice cream was very hard. To make ice cream, ice is obtained from lakes or ponds that freeze in winter, then cut and stored in haystacks, holes in the ground, or ice storage that made from wood and coated by hay. The ice is stored for later use in the summer. during summer, ice cream is then made traditionally by processing the dough in a large bowl which placed in a tube filled with a mixture of crushed ice and salt.

The History Of Ice Cream

According to the ancient stories, it is said that ice cream has been known since Roman times when ruled by Emperor Nero. The historical records mention in detail a party in which one of the dishes is ice taken from the mountains with fruit decoration. At that time, ice cream was made from snow ice mixed with milk, fat, fruits, and given various kinds of dough, so that it was soft and delicious.

For the form of ice cream that is similar to the nowadays, one begins with The Tang Emperor of The Shang Dynasty, China.  The emperor asked to the chef to cook for ice to be mixed with cow’s milk, flour, and a little champor. This mixture is stirred until it becomes a cream. From that moment, the ice cream begins to be known in the palace.

Based on DQFanFeedback Survey, in Europe, ice cream was brought and introduced by Marcopolo. In those days ice cream is the dish just for the nobility. At that time, when the electricity has not been found, so the people try to make ice cream with a machine that runs by kerosene. They no longer have to wait for the winter to arrive, but with the technology, it can make the water to be frozen. This way can only be done by the nobles and rich people. So this is the reason why ice cream to be the luxury dish until 1600. There are some other stories about ice cream from some countries in the world.


Another story told that ice cream came when there was a trade relationship between Italy and China. Marcopolo as the ocean explorer brought a recipe for ice cream to his country. Unlike the original recipe, Italian ice cream is combined with syrup and ice mixture. This Italiano style of ice cream was then enjoyed by the European Nobles and spread throughout the world.

United States Of America

In America, ice cream was popular for the first time in the 19th century, along with the discovery of ice cream makers. The name ice cream comes from the American colonists.


In Indonesia, ice cream brought by The Dutch. Ice Cream Saloon is the first ice cream that can only be enjoyed in big cities such as Jakarta, Bandung, Bogor, Malang,and Surabaya. At that time, ice cream was a luxury and expensive. So at that time, only The Dutch who can be enjoyed ice cream.

Here are some historical facts about ice cream.

  1. The name of the ice cream

Based on DQFanFeedback Survey, the name of ice cream come from The American Colonist that comes from the phrase iced cream.

  1. The first ice cream outlet

The first ice cream outlet was opened in New York in 1776.

  1. The first ingredient of ice cream

The big breakthrough in making ice cream into the basic ingredient that we know today occurs when ice ingredients are mixed with salt. the purpose is to reduce and control the temperature of the ingredients. This breakthrough was strengthened by the discovery of freezers made of wooden buckets with player pedals.

  1. The first method ice cream maker

A candy maker from Philadelphia, Augustus Jackson discovered the recipe and method of making ice cream in 1832.

  1. The first manual ice cream machine

In 1846, Nancy Johnson, a woman from New England was made a manual ice cream machine. Then in 1848, her invention was later patented by William G. Young.

  1. The first ice cream spoon

The spoon that use to eat ice cream was found in 1897 by Alfred L. Cralle.

  1. The first Conelo ice cream

Conelo ice cream is found and become popular in the world since 1904.

  1. The most ice cream consumption in the world

The Americans consume the most ice cream an average of more than 20 liters per year.

  1. Ice cream in America

Based on DQFanFeedback Survey, in America, ice cream is the most popular dessert, especially if added with a biscuit. A many as 800 thousand gallons of ice cream are produced by Americans for each year. This becomes the reason why there is so many ice cream company from America that develop into worldwide such as Dairy Queen.