Bojangles – The Chicken and Biscuits Menu Specialist


Do you like to visit the Bojangles Restaurant? Today fast food restaurants more popular than fancy restaurants. It is because youth is a potential target for selling their menu. Adults choose fancy restaurants with a formal feel. Because they use this moment to make relations with their business partners. They can talk to each other casually there. But young people like to visit fast food restaurants. Because they like taking photos. Then they upload photos through their social media. So, if you like to hang out with your friends, visit this restaurant. Bojangles is one of the popular fast food restaurants. There they sell fried chicken and biscuits.

Bojangles has been serving customers since 1977 in Charlotte, New York. There you can buy delicious biscuits and chicken menus. You can choose the rice bowl, dinner, biscuits and fried chicken menus. If you want something fresh, you can try their salad. For your information, they serve biscuits with cheese, sausages or chicken meat. If you look menu picture on their website, this menu looks like a burger. This information is important for you to understand the restaurant concept. So you need to read our article first before visiting a restaurant. Well guys, keep reading our review of the facts about Bojangles.

  1. History of the Bojangles restaurant.

Before we discuss facts about restaurants, you need to know their profile. This restaurant was founded in 1977 in Charlotte. Richard Thomas and Jack Full are the founders of Bojangles Restaurant. Both are senior restaurant operators. Then they made predictions about the trends in the restaurant concept. Then they predict that fast food restaurants will become favorites in the future. Thus they start a business based on the main principles. First, they keep the unique taste of restaurant products. they keep quality products since the food preparation. Third, they design their restaurants with lively and friendly concepts.

The following year they opened the first franchise restaurant. When Hurricane Hugo happened, they still to serve consumers. While other restaurants prefer to close their shops. This moment occurred in 1989. This restaurant had positive business growth in 2007. So the national restaurant News recognizes Bojangles as the fastest growing franchise. They are the best among other chicken restaurants. A year later they opened their 400th restaurant. It didn’t take long, in 2011 they managed to open the 500th restaurant. Wow, isn’t this fantastic growth? They will continue to close to consumers. So wait a little longer, Bojangles will stand around your house.

  1. The first Bojangles on campus.

Well guys, before we discussed facts about fast food restaurant. You will know the restaurant concept well. Then they chose a strategic location for this business. So they made the Bojangles outlet on campus for the first time. they founded this restaurant business.

  1. Bojangles Animal Welfare.

Well, guys, you don’t need to hesitate to visit here. They pay attention to animal welfare. Because if animals have good conditions, the menu they serve will be more delicious. they are not alone when preparing quality chicken. They want animal welfare experts to obtain humane maintenance methods.

Restaurants must implement food safety on their systems.. They guarantee that food in Bojangles is safe for consumers. So employees make food use food safety standard they process chicken meat based on guidelines from the United States Agriculture.

  1. Bojangles supports the charity community.

many popular restaurants that have charity communities. They donate restaurant income to support the starving community. Or they can give support to this organizations. Because this help can revive their social soul. So They have a social mission for communities in need. Then they collaborate with other organizations to help each other. Then with a happy heart helps to support the community in need.

If you have a charity community, work with this restaurant. They offer Night Sharing Bojangles. There you can invite friends, relatives or anyone. Then Bojangles will sell their products. Then they will donate a part of the sales of the event to your community. Isn’t this a fun event? Maybe you can try it with your friends.

  1. Invite Bojangles to your Event.

This restaurant has a way to increase their sales. Not customers who come to restaurants. But restaurants pick up customers. Here they have a mobile kitchen. So that Bojangles can serve you wherever you are. They have been using this system since 1997. So you can invite this restaurant to your event and campus festival. This car can be a solution for your event to be more festive. They will help you invite more guests to your event.

  1. The founder of Bojangles has his own experience.

Richard Thomas was a restaurant waiter when he was 10 years old. Then he has some of  KFC franchise restaurants. Then he has some  KFC franchise restaurants. Next Jack Fulk tried on his biscuit recipe while working at Hardee, North Caroline. He got a serious problem when changing restaurant recipes. But this recipe is the key to the success of Bojangles. Restaurant profits rose by 60% due to the sale of Jack Fulk biscuits.

  1. They keep the quality product for you until now.

So They process their own chickens with a standard. They bring fresh chicken every day. Then the chicken experienced salting for quite a long time. Here they don’t make biscuits in an easy way. They chose the hard way to produce delicious biscuits. They make each packet of biscuits in 20 minutes. But this complicated process is the pride of the restaurant. Because they can show their effort to consumers when making biscuits.

  1. Special Bojangles Biscuits.

Well, guys, biscuits from this restaurant is a favorite menu. They say that making biscuits is like the painting. They make the special delicious dough. But how to press the dough and process it is the main key to delicious biscuits. But this recipe is a secret. You can imitate the number of ingredients, but you don’t know the correct process when making biscuits.

Apart from the facts above, Bojangles also has a customer survey called Talktobo or BojanglesListens. Through this survey, you can express your latest experience at Bojangles. As the reward for taking the survey, Bojangles will give you a coupon. For the further details about the survey, you can visit

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Taco Bell – The Pioneer of Mexican fast-food Restaurant


Well guys, are you from Mexico? If you are a legitimate resident of Mexico, of course, you are familiar with tacos. The tacos country that is popular in the world is Mexico. Not only Mexican people who love this food. Almost all countries recognize this delicious food. If you want to buy tacos, you don’t need to go to Mexico first. Because you can find this food around you. Many restaurants use the Mexican concept. They sell tacos and Nacos. Both are foods that will satisfy your tongue. So you can visit Taco Bell. One of the famous Taco restaurants. If you have never visited this restaurant, you should read our review. Here we will write some facts about Taco Bell restaurant.

  1. History of Taco Bell Restaurant.

Well guys, first we will discuss the history of Taco Bel Restaurant. This restaurant was founded in 1954 in San Bernadino. There they have the service of Bell’s Drive-in and Taco Tia. The founder of this taco restaurant is Glen Bell. Then Glen Bell opened a restaurant in California in 1962. He called his customer the name Tay-Kosh. Whereas the first Taco Bell restaurant franchise was in Torrance. This first franchise owner was named Kernit Becky. He is a retired L.A police officer. 13 years later Glen opened the 100th taco bell in Anaheim. So this business is growing well. So that it can provide an advantage to open a new restaurant.

Furthermore, sales of the Taco Bell restaurant menu increased dramatically in 1989. Because Glen Bell used popular films for their menu promotions. One of the films promoting Taco Bell is a Batman movie. A good promotion can increase the sales of restaurant menus. Currently, they use websites and social media for promotion. Following is the timeline for making Taco Bell’s communication media.

  • They released a restaurant website in 2010. So consumers can find out about Taco Bell through their website. That same year they lost the founder of this popular restaurant, Glen Bell.
  • Taco Bell introduces a menu ordering application in 2014. You can create an account and order delicious tacos easily.
  1. Taco Bell sent Tacos to Bethel City in Alaska.

Well, guys, everyone knows that Bethel City is a remote city. But Taco Bell can overcome this problem. They sent Doritos Locos Tacos there by helicopter. There are 10,000 portions of Tacos that they send to the city of Bethel.

  1. Taco Bell Foundation.

Almost all large restaurants have charitable foundations. They donate a portion of the restaurant’s income to help people in need. There are various ways to help people in the world. First, the restaurant can give donations to orphanages and schools. Second, restaurants can distribute food to hungry communities. Third, restaurants can sponsor charitable activities. Fourth, restaurants can make scholarship programs. Taco Bell has its own charitable foundation.

  • Taco Bell Foundation Mission.

They want to realize the dreams of young people. This foundation has a scholarship program for youth. Not only scholarships for youth, but they also have scholarships for restaurant employees.

  • Principle and Value of Taco Bell Foundation.

Here they have the principle to run the foundation program. First, they want to increase self-confidence in young people. Second, they want to help many people. This foundation supports inspiring content. Third, Taco Bell foundation takes the education that requires leadership.

  • This foundation was established in 1992. They did not take any advantage. So this foundation focuses on serving young people and communities in need.
  1. Taco Bell Gift Card.

Well, guys, gift cards are a consumer benefit program from restaurants. There you can get a 5 Dollars bonus card for every purchase of 10 Dollars using a Gift Card. They will send you a bonus card via email. Then exchange this bonus by making an order through the website or application.

  1. Taco Bell Restaurant Application.

You can make orders at Taco Bell easily. Previously you need to download this restaurant application first. There are several advantages to using this application.

  • you can arrange your own menu.
  • then you can schedule food reservations.
  • You can make orders faster using the Fast Favorite feature.
  • Then you can find the closest location and use your gift card.
  1. Taco Bell is the Pioneer of Fast Food Restaurant.

Well, guys, Taco Bell was founded in 1991 in San Francisco. They serve food at low prices. Here Taco Bell collaborates with other restaurant chains to increase sales of their products. This restaurant works with KFC and Pizza Hut.

  1. This restaurant once sold food that was banned by the government.

From 1970 to 1980 Taco Bell had several menus that had to be discontinued.

Before founding Taco Bell, Glen had started a business with Taco Tia. They offer hamburgers, tacos etc. After working with Taco Tia, Glen Bell founded his own restaurant in 1962 in Downey, Calif.

Then in 1978, PepsiCo bought the Bell taco business. That same year PepsiCo bought KFC and Pizza Hut. All three are under Yum’s company. Where Yum is a subsidiary of PepsiCo. Then Taco Bell broke away in 1997.

This restaurant received a lawsuit from the Alabama law firm in 2011. The law firm claims that their tacos consist of only 35% of beef. Then Taco Bell issued an advertisement to clarify that the allegations were untrue. They told that their tacos consisted of 88% beef and 12% secret recipes.

  1. If a space station falling, you can get Taco Free.

Well, guys, Taco Bell put up a sign in the Pacific Ocean. If there is a space station landing at the sign, you can get a free taco. All of the United States can get benefit from this.

Well, we have discussed all the facts about the Taco Bell Restaurant. Now you can start looking for the nearest Taco Bell location. So you can use the restaurant application or website. Then make an order on your favorite menu. If you have a Taco Bell account, of course, you can save your expenses. Because they have special prices for you. If you want other interesting tips, don’t forget to visit our website at

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