Advice For Homeowners Thinking About a Conservatory Extension

The glass conservatory is being used more and more frequently as a valuable addition to the home. As word has spread about them and people have seen just how beautiful and practical they are, they are no longer viewed as a passing fad and are becoming the first choice as home additions for many homeowners SK Windows.

One of the things that makes conservatories such a good choice is their versatility. Even standard glass and aluminium constructions can be designed in many distinctive ways. Contrary to popular belief, though, aluminum is not the only framing material that you have to use. If you educate yourself about all the materials and methods you have at your disposal for building your conservatory, you will be more likely to make a choice that is right for you.

There were two main types of glass constructions in Europe that were traditionally built. One was called an orangery and had largely brick or stone walls. Timber can also be employed to good effect, especially if your existing home is made of wood. If a feeling of privacy is desired, using some of the construction materials of your main house may be desirable, as well.

Some stone features can make a very distinctive looking glasshouse, especially if there are stone constructions, like a stone wall or stone chimney on your existing home. This may be an added expense, but it will be worth it. Your new structure will look like an organic part of your existing home.

The point of emphasis here is that you are not limited when you are building conservatories. The only thing you are limited by is your imagination. There is no one “right way” to build one, but rather any way you choose!

The most important practical consideration you will have to make is about the type of glass you are going to use. Climate and location will be the most important things to think about here.

If your conservatory is going to be located in a shady area, you will probably want to use a glass with insulating properties. If it is going to be located in a sunny area, you should use solar reflective glass. The wonderful thing about modern glazing techniques is that you can have a glass structure created anywhere and it needn’t be excessively hot or cold.

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